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Chosing a Web Host – Video

We’ve already looked at providing you some tips on how to choose your web host, but for those who would rather watch than read, here’s the useful info in video form.

Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

Many people and organisations own a website, each catering to the specific needs of the user. A website is more than just an online presence, everything about it needs to be tailored to the website owner’s specifications.

The same is true for web hosting. While it can be considered granular in some instances, web hosting packages can vary greatly, so you need to ensure you’re selecting the right kind of plan for you and your website.

Below are some tips that can help make choosing the right kind of web hosting that little easier.

Be Aware of Your Hosting Needs

Just because you can have the maximum web space available doesn’t mean you should. Running a website can be costly if you spend too much money in the beginning. Similarly, not having enough web space for your website needs can be just as detrimental to your website’s performance.

Make a list of requirements for your website, such as the volume of traffic, the number of users and what you hope to achieve with the website. Hosting companies are often adaptable so you can easily upgrade as and when the need arises.

How Many Domains Do You Own?

While many of us may own just one website, others may own a number of websites. If you do happen to host a number of websites, then you will need to find a provider that allows the hosting of multiple domains.

You should also consider whether you will be looking to add further domains in the future. Knowing this information in advance could prevent you from making a more expensive purchase than you need to.

Consider Your Communication Requirements

Nothing looks more professional than a personalised email. As such, if you’re looking to run a business or professional entity via the website, you will more than likely need an email address that reflects your domain.

Many web hosting companies offer such a service, and it can be part of a package or an additional add-on, depending on your requirements. Before committing to a purchase, you should consider as to how many email addresses you will require. There is also the mailbox size to consider, though it can be tempting to opt for the cheaper option, you could find that the storage is inadequate for the volume of emails you receive, and as such many will never reach you.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

Running a website can be a time-consuming affair, so the last thing anyone with a website needs is a complicated dashboard or CPanel when updating their sites. It is therefore vital that the web hosting provider you use is able to provide you with a control panel that is easy to navigate.

You should be able to navigate around various options such as webmail and the control panel with relative ease. Many providers also supply support to customers who may be struggling with something specific.

There are many great offers available when it comes to web hosting, but being premature in your web hosting choices can have an adverse effect on the running of your website moving forward. Always list your requirements and add to that list as and when something else arises. You will then be in a better standing to make a more well-informed choice.

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